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Blind Date

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Blind Dates have an element of mystery and the unexpectedness about them. You never know what to expect, and though at times they can turn really horrible (friends tell me that this variety is too common), at other times you can also end up having a lot of fun.

It’s one of the fun experiences that I am going to share today.

I met this guy online. We interacted for a few months online, even talked on the phone a lot before we decided to meet up. The venue decided on was a small bakery – the kind where only a couple of people can squeeze inside in front of the counter, but with amazing cheesecakes. ;)

As he waved to me, his phone apparently decided to wing it, somersaulted a few times out of his hand and into the bin behind him. Well, what can I say except how can you ever say no to a guy who comes up with the most unexpected ways to get your attention (though he swears that was an accident).

An embarrassing start may not really sound like a great way to start off a first date, but the laugh we had over it once we both got over our surprise set the seal on the most fun-filled date I had in a long time.