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Our efforts against Spammers and Scammers

Monday, November 19th, 2007

A quick update:
Due to wishes of lot of our members that they want to first try our services before confirming their phone, we have opened up our services for communication without verifying the phone and have added a computer program which identifies the spams much more effectively.
Initially program allows the members to communicate without confirming the phone number but if our program suspects that the member is spamming then that member must confirm his/her phone number to be able to use our free services any further.

We hope this will bring lot more people to communicate each other!

********* Following article was posted on Monday, November 19th, 2007 *******

Dear Friends,
First of all our sincere apology if you received spam messages from some of the users on our site.

We had been fighting against spammers and scammers for past few months. Finally we have decided to introduce a mandatory confirmation of phone number before anyone can use our free email messaging features.

This will benefit our members in the following ways:

1) Only genuine people will be able to use our site and for the purpose of pleasant dating experience.

2) Mandatory phone check will make sure people trying to do scam and spam will not be able to use any of our communication feature and we will have enough information against such users to take actions if required.

3) Lets101 will be more pleasant experience and will be more safe against spams and abuses.

So now, before any member can send email message he or she will have to confirm his or her phone number once if not already done so.

Confirming phone number is very easy and takes just few seconds.

To confirm:
1) You need to add your phone number on our system by visiting Phone Settings

2) And then call our Phone System from the same phone number.

However, if you have already called or used our phone system once then nothing need to be done.

Also we request you not to disclose your personal information such as email or phone to anyone unless at least you know the other person better and for good enough time.

We really care about you and want to make sure your safety is not compromised. Thats why we never disclose your identifiable information ever, but allow you to communicate freely and as easily as possible. And we have no intention to make our site paid.

Please take some time to read some of our online safety tips. You will find them very useful and informative not only for dating experience but also for any online related activity.

We are young group of friends who always discuss the innovative ideas to add values in our member’s experience for dating and relationship and try to provide such features via Lets101. Our aim is to spread happiness among our members by helping them find a right life partner.

We would be very glad to receive your feedback and valuable suggestions for making Lets101 a much better place for finding that special someone.

For any question contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

How to Identify Scammers and Spammers

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Scammers are out there to prey people. Their ultimate objective is getting your money. Their sole weapon is your greed, whether it is greed for money or for love, or sex. They always sell you promises that are too good to be true. Scammers sometime make lots of money, but they don’t always succeed, often than not they are recognized almost right away. They need to reach out to as many potential victim as possible, so they have to send a lot of messages; therefore most of internet scammers are also spammers.

We systematically and programmatically analyze all user profiles on We strongly believe that majority of the people are good and very honest. Scammers tend to sneak and blend-in in a few places, but they are a very small group. Unfortunately they are extremely active. Sometimes it seems the world around you is all scammers, but it is not. You just need to pay attention to details a little more and you can identify them almost instantly. With your help identifying them, we can be a community with trust and lots of fun.

Types of scammers

Most internet scammers falls into 3 types:
1) On dating site: They first get your attention by being really nice, pretty, sweet, and often pitiful. They look to evoke your emotions and thus making you unaware of their objective. Too often that they will tell you a tragedy about their situation and make you feel like a hero to save them. Their story line almost always involves a tragic accident of their family members, and that they are in desperate need of money to save a life, to heal an incurable disease…etc, you name it.

It could be as simple as just a flight fare to come to you. Sometimes they appear to be lost and down to their knee in a new city, all they need is a little of your help to keep them fed. Greed for love and pleasure is your weakness. Scammers on dating site don’t aim to make a lot of money from the victim, they tend to build a relationship with you and start chipping away your money slowly. That is why at we build phone service for you to talk to each other. We believe dating is about sharing love and trust; sharing wealth could and should come way way later:) When you see it’s coming too soon, you know you are dealing with a scammer.

2) Money transaction: This type of scam is very popular even though it’s not common on dating site.

  • When you’re buying an item that’s too cheap to be real: they asks you to send deposit money. In such case your money goes one-way and never comes back. You don’t receive any merchandise either.
  • When you are selling an item: they want to buy your item, and ask you to cash a check that’s much larger than the amount that they need to pay you. They request that you send them the remained after you cashing out. You might think this is safe but it is not. Check from foreign country takes a long time to clear (even months). Check within United States takes weeks to clear. The remained amount that you sent too early to them is actually your money, and it is gone. Anytime you counter a payment approach like this, it’s guaranteed that you are dealing with a scammer.
  • Via Email: The common theme for email scam is someone out of the blue asking you to help them acquiring a huge amount of money, often millions of dollars. In return, they promise you a large percentage. They will tell you
    that they get your email through some source that sounds really credible but you have no clue if it even exists. After you response, they’ll ask you to send them some small amount first to start processing the transaction.

    The story line usually goes like this: I’m a son of the deceased second secretary of foreign affair in Nigeria. My father was murdered and he left 3 million dollar in Swede bank but I have no way of retrieving. I need a person who is trust-worthy like you who lives in United States to facilate the transaction. When it’s all done, you’ll get 1 million for helping me.
    Lots of people have fell for this scam. The initial amount that you sent never find it way back. Once you sent them, they’ll continue ask for more, until you realize that they are scammer.

    Your greed for easy money is your weakness.

3) Professional scammers within United States: they are more rare but also more dangerous. They can be quite charming and nice. Usually they persuade you to invest into a scheme that gives huge quick return. The key rule is when it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not.

Where are they from?

Most of internet scammers are from Africa and Russia. They are professional scammers who will sell any promise for money. It’s hard to believe that you transfer your money thru your bank and they have no clue where the money goes. Well even if they know, sometimes you can’t do anything about it.

How to identify scammer

Here are a few clue to identify a scammer:

1) Inconsistency: here are few examples:

  • if their profile states that they have a degree in language, yet they can’t write properly.
  • they look for committed relationship, yet they never want to know about you, your hobby, nor your way of life.
  • their picture looks exactly like Cindy Crawford, but they are not her twin lost sister.

2) They write as if they already know and trust you. People are good, but trust takes time to develop (thanks to the scammers), yet they “trust” you almost instantly on the first message.

3) Not always true but generally when dating you want to show your date how good you are, but scammers only want to show you how pitiful they are.

4) Scammers are afraid of systematic checks, they always look to by-pass the system and take you on private email exchange. Don’t fall for this. Once you trust a person, it’s your call to give out your personal information. But before that, let does its job to protect you. It was specifically designed for that purpose.

5) Patience: It is ok to be impatient in love, but when you found your potential partner too impatient for money, watch out! Scammer wants easy target, they often skip conversation/contact that doesn’t smell resultful.

6) Your gut feelings tend to be really accurate. When it seems like your dream comes true, but somehow you are not comfortable, trust your gut feeling.

Action to take dealing with spammer

When you believe a person is a scammer/spammer, please report to us. Flag all messages that they sent you as “spam”. We will ensure that they are blocked from bothering you. You are not only protecting yourself but you are also protecting dating community and other users. We highly value your help, because with people like you, we can make a much more safe and fun community.

Also to have more security please visit your Filters Page and mark the flag to allow “only verified members” to contact you. Verified members are the ones who have verified their phone by calling Lets101 or by receiving calls from Lets101. Or those who have emailed us and one of our Customer Care representative has manually looked into their profile and IP address to make sure member sounds genuine.

As a rule of thumb when you write to the member the first time do not give your email id, wait for two three message exchanges. And never ever send money!


  • don’t give out personal information when it’s too early
  • Be sure to visit Filters Page and mark your communication preferences.
  • don’t send any money ever.
  • dating is about love, trust, and fun, not wealth seeking
  • help us identify scammer/spammer today because that has huge impact on tomorrow.