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A Bad Blind Date: What to do ???

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Blind dates, as exciting as they can be, are a gamble one plays in hope of hitting a jackpot. And more often than not, like in gambling, you might find yourself wanting to run away from the table.

Now, the part that makes you go bonkers is that since you’re dealing with a human (that too a girl), you have to be real cautious in what your reactions will be upon seeing something that you want to run away from. These next 5-10mins will decide whether you can walk away from the blind date with dignity or will you walk away losing that dignity. Worse, you don’t want your actions to give an impression that you actually like that person, in which case, it’ll not be a matter of 5-10mins but 5-10days before you’re able to walk away at all.!!!

These are a few tips on what one could do; if one ends up in a messy blind date.

Public Place: Pick a place centrally located to meet for the first time. Make sure it’s not too close or too far away from the girl’s place. (You don’t want to drop someone home, if you don’t like them). Moreover, in a public place there are a lot of distractions you can find to help you out of that awkward date. You don’t want to be sitting in a fine dining restaurant with someone who you cannot stand for more than a min.

Standby Friend: Always take a friend with you to the blind date. And if no one is available, ask a friend to call you 10mins from the time you’re gonna meet your blind date. That is one call which can act as a lifesaver for you, as you can use that call to tell your date that something urgent has come up which needs your immediate attention.

Be Honest: Honesty is the best policy. Although, don’t blame me if you end up on the wrong side of your date’s sandals.

Let me know if these helped you or not.

 –Mr. A

How to please a man ???

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009


Open and Shut case ….let’s move onto the other topic. Thank You for your time.

But Hey, Hold On…it’s not that simple. Men ACTUALLY want a whole plethora of meaningful things in a relationship. As contradictory and shocking as it may sound, it’s as true as the keyboard on your pc.

See the thing is that we men are just a little more vocal about our need for sex and hence we are branded as sexual animals. Let me tell you that a woman craves for it as much as a man does. After all it’s an integral part of your relationship; nothing bad about it.

However, that said; let me also emphasize the other needs we have in a relationship.

When a man gets in a relationship and it moves past your first few weeks and he’s sure about the relationship, he involves himself more emotionally in that relationship that a woman does. It’s a proven fact that it’s harder for men to come out of the relationship than a woman. And the very reason behind it is that we attach ourselves very emotionally.

The one thing we need most out of a relationship is a partner who can understand us; and by understanding I mean understand us without us being too vocal about our feelings. A situation where you can talk to your partner without actually saying a word is the most desired situation in a relationship, and once you reach that situation you know you can safely take it to the next level.

Another thing that men want is for a woman to understand that we need our boy’s drinking binges and sports and beer as much as you want your lipsticks and mascaras.

And last but most important thing we want is SEX!!!!

Hahahaaha…..jokes apart….

The last and only thing we ask is not to stretch fights like a chewing gum; if you’re angry or upset at something or our actions (or inactions :P) let’s just talk it out and get over with the topic at hand rather than stretching it which ends up in us loosening our wallet strings just to see that smile on your face.

If you look at it, it’s not that difficult to please a man.

 –Mr. A

P.S. …and yes SEX is important!!!