Day 1 - Rose Day

Whether its a single Red Rose or a dozen long-stemmed Red Roses, both send out the same message - Of Love and Passion.

All well and good in itself, but what do you do if you want to convey more than that? Or for the comittment-phobiacs out there, who just feel uncomfortable receiving/sending such a strong message?

For all such folks out there (and because I personally find the Red Rose routine overdone), I scraped together an exhaustive list of Roses and their meanings. After all, there just isn’t anything special left in receiving what everyone around you is also receiving.

After all its Rose Day - NOT Red Rose Day :)

1. Thornless Roses

Giving a single thornless rose is a “confession of love at first sight.” A bouquet of Thornless Roses, on the other hand, denotes tenderness and protectiveness.

2. Rosebuds

Rosebuds denote beauty, youth, and innocence.
Traditionally, white rosebuds were given to young girls for their first ball, as they were believed to awaken the heart to love and tenderness. Red rosebuds meant that man was interested in courting the woman. And Rosebuds with moss/ivy were a Confession of Love and Promise of Fidelity.

In the modern context, Rosebuds are ideal for first dates (white/pink), or for confessing your love to someone (red).

3. Roses in full bloom

A single full bloom red rose is for couples in long relationships. It means “I still love you as much as I did before, and will always love you.” But a bouquet of full-bloom roses is either to express gratitude or for saying good-bye.

Classifying Roses By Colors

1. Red Rose – I Love You

2. Deep Red Rose – Intense Love and Passion

3. Hibiscus Rose – You are as beautiful and delicate as a fairy/china doll

4. Bridal Roses – Your love fills my life with happiness

5. Orange Roses – I want you so badly that it hurts.

6. Pink Roses - They can either be meant as a sign of tenderness (I will not let anything hurt you) or a plea for forgiveness/second chance (Please trust me / Please let me explain). Pink rosebuds can also be an expression of new love.

7. Tea Roses – You will always be in my thoughts and dreams

8. Rosemary – A promise of everlasting love and fidelity.

Roses to be avoided

Yellow Roses – Traditionally yellow roses signify a decrease in love or jealousy. Now, they are an expression of friendship. Anyways, just avoid them today.

Dark Crimson Roses –To mourn the loss of love, or end of an affair/good times. If your relationship has ended with no bad feelings on either side (which is very rare), these are the perfect way to say good-bye.

Black Roses – Yes they exist, and in my opinion they are the most beautiful of all. But they signify death or hatred. Send these to your lousy ex.

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