Day 2 - Chocolate Day

This really has to be my favorite day in the whole year. The one time when a girl can indulge in chocolate as much as she wants without being assailed by any guilt. After all, its sacrilege to not indulge yourself on Chocolate Day. ;)

So guys, we might even forgive you for forgetting our birthdays or an anniversary.. but forgetting Chocolate Day.. That’s just UNFORGIVABLE :)

Some Tips

1. Chocolates in any form are welcome - edible or non-edible ;) Ofcourse the non-edible variety must be accompanied by the edible ones too.

2. Do not buy conventional chocolates from the neighbourhood grocers. Indulge us - Only gourmet chocolates are acceptable today. Hershey’s are great, but just not for today.

3. Wine-filled chocolates or Wine+Chocolate gift boxes tops the list. The only way you can do better is by making chocolates for her yourself (Most chocolatiers do sell make-your-own-truffle sets)

For the Single Woman

Chocolate day is all about indulgence. So, take the day off and indulge yourself with some Chocolate beauty treatments. After all, looking good equates feeling good, and with chocolates all the way.. deadly indulgence. Whipped Cocoa Baths, Chocolate Sugar Scrubs, Cocoa Massages, Chocolate Fondue Body Wraps… sounds like heaven to me.