Day 3 - Teddy Day

Soft, sweet, cuddly and simply lovable - and the perfect gift to someone precious.

But buying a Teddy Bear does involve a little bit more effort than just picking the first one you see in the store (Surprised guys??)

A few ideas to get you started:

Huggable Hugs

There are teddy bears you can hug and there are teddy bears you can only put in the showcase. Get the huggable variety - soft, cuddly, floppy, with arms that allow you to hug. My boyfriend had gifted me one such on my last birthday, and since then I have slept hugging it whenever I missed him.

The Cuteness Factor

Now you are thinking I am NUTS. After all, aren’t Teddy Bears supposed to be always Cute. Well, they are supposed to be cute but not all of them are actually. Crazy though this may sound, look carefully at their expressions before you buy, especially their eye expressions (Yes, I know they are fake eyes). I have a friend who’s stuck with a teddy that has an angry look in its eyes (Don’t ask me how, it just does - and my friend wondered for days what she had done to anger the person who sent it). And another time, I was gifted a purple bear that was positively scary. I packed it up and hid it in the darkest, deepest corner of the attic.

Some Gift Ideas:

Teddy Bear Sets

Planning to propose? Or want her to start considering a life-long committment and family-life? Try the Teddy Bear Couples or family sets. If you don’t want to stick with teddy bears, you can get a set of love-birds or any other coupled soft-toys (I saw a pair of kissing penguins, and even chickens.. very cute.)


Teddy Bears holding hearts with love messages or a box of chocolates (Chocolates and Teddy ;) irresistible combination). My favorite one so far is a pink teddy hanging on a half-crescent moon with the words I Moon Over You.

Teddies For Men

The conventional teddies don’t work here, so get the eatable variety. you could bake some Teddy-shapped cookies or even a Teddy-shaped cake for the Man In Your Life.


There are limited collectible teddy-bears and even customizable teddy-bears available, though these are expensive. Nice to gift these, but don’t overshoot your budget, and keep her tastes in mind while buying. For eg: Getting her a cat soft-toy when she loathes cats is a No-No.

Only buy Washable Teddies, especially if she is allergic to dustmites. Better still, look for the ones labelled “made with hypoallergenic ingredients.”


Agreed. White teddy bears are the most common, but they are also the most high-maintenance, plus they are BORRRING. When we get a White Teddy Bear, our first thought is where to keep it so it doesn’t get dirty or stained. So, just avoid White. Any other colors will do, even Baby Pink and Light Brown. You don’t really need to stick to dark colors, just avoid White.