Lets101 is a California based Incorporation aiming to provide VoIP and Web based products to end consumers to add value in their life.

Our first product Lets101.com is a completely FREE online dating network. Where we continiously help members to get a right date through our personality matching programs, emails introductions and facilitating talk over phone without revealing phone numbers.

We are very eager to help you in finding your soulmate. Just pickup the phone and start talking to your prospective matches 1 on 1 about romance, intellect, or just ice breaker chat. It won't cost you a penny.

Lets101 offers a lot more for less:

We are a new site and are eager to hear from you. If you have suggestions or comments, please send them using contact page.

How Do I Use Lets101?

  1. Sign Up, get a Call Id and verify your phone number.

    (Your Call Id is like an extension number to the Lets101's phone number. It comes with advanced call screening features like allowing only certain members to call and receiving calls only at specific time. You can even choose many different real phone numbers to receive the calls at different times of the day! So when other members call this extension, Lets101 automatically forwards the call to your real phone number as per your preference.)

  2. Create your Profile, Upload your Photos, and Record your introduction.
  3. Take our optional but highly recommended personality test.
  4. Read our dating tips and advices.
  5. Exchange email messages with other members.
  6. Receive phone Calls from members like you who are interested in talking to you.
  7. Call members you are interested in.

In the entire process never disclose your true phone number!