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Recent Online Profiles
online freedating Profile of caleb91
M, 27 Years
Columbus, OH, USA
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You know Caleb, people learn about you mainly from your profile. So lets tell them interesting things about you!... more »
online freedating Profile of richardmin1
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M, 54 Years
Tatum, TX, USA
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online freedating Profile of john71y5
M, 58 Years
Addison, TX, USA
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I'm an extremely well rounded person with a lot to offer... I'm athletic, fit, intelligent, passionate, sensitive, heath conscious and looking for som... more »
online freedating Profile of josephine3121
F, 32 Years
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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I am an ordinary woman. I try to look good and also not to forget about life priorities being important for a man, in particular to create a family. I... more »
online freedating Profile of ericgreeson
M, 41 Years
Carrollton, GA, USA
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I'm an easy going, fun loving guy. I always try to look on the bright side of things. I enjoy doing all sorts of things both in and outdoors. I'm here... more »
online freedating Profile of ericwalter
M, 58 Years
San Jose, CA, USA
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online freedating Profile of sarah05
F, 30 Years
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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My name is Sarah Scott Powell , I'm 31 years old, I was born and raised in Miami Florida , But presently in Los Angeles California to stay with my fri... more »
online freedating Profile of pattybee0240
F, 35 Years
Manassas, VA, USA
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Life in motion! It's my credo, because I am a person, who prefers to live now and here and really love every day of my life! My friends and people, wh... more »
Recent Stories and Blogs By Our Members

one and dun, wontime, his hater ass life
No one and dun is not acceptable for a relationship, sex one time, one date, or one kiss, is not acceptable to be referred to as an ex or one that was said to have been in a relationship with that person... relations may be had with another but wha... Read More
    Updated: May 07 2018, 06:38:21 PM   Kudos: 0   Category: My Day Today

    Updated: May 07 2018, 07:27:04 AM   Kudos: 0   Category: My Day Today

My boring and slow day
My day today was boring and slow at work, I work as a carry out boy for a store in my town called Sureway Supermarket and there i work hard and carry people's groceries out for them bc i'm helpful like that. However today was pretty slow and borin... Read More
    Updated: Apr 30 2018, 01:46:20 PM   Kudos: 0   Category: My Day Today

hello everyone
I feel like having a coffee with the lovely woman for me ... Read More
    Updated: Apr 10 2018, 06:47:35 AM   Kudos: 2   Category: My Day Today

i am feeling lonely and bored here i need a man to live with forever and cuddle together ... Read More
    Updated: Mar 27 2018, 12:03:19 PM   Kudos: 0   Category: My Day Today

Hi all ... Read More
    Updated: Mar 26 2018, 10:03:08 PM   Kudos: 0   Category: My Day Today

Fellowship with his children
Got up had coffee light food .went to daughter house for our Sunday morning pray bible study.and to worship our Lord Jesus Christ..I am a bornagain Christian.. Went home had salard lunch .did some exasize .made cake for after church meal stay at h... Read More
    Updated: Mar 18 2018, 06:55:42 PM   Kudos: 0   Category: My Day Today

new here
Well i am new here and there is only one reason for that ... Read More
    Updated: Mar 13 2018, 08:40:59 PM   Kudos: 0   Category: Others
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